Practice Policies

We aspire to being a professional practice that offers state of the art dental care in a positive experience environment. In order to allow for smooth functioning of our practice, we have laid down simple policies that are time tested and tenable.

Patient registration

Our practice uses an electronic registration model for new patients and for updating of existing patient records. If you prefer to use paper, please be aware that these forms are eventually converted to a digital format. Our patient registration forms outline general consent requirements and seek general health information. Of particular importance are the sections on medical history and medications. Any changes in provided details must always be intimated to our Front Office Manager. We depend on you to provide us accurate information and your general health has vast implications for your dental treatment.

Cancellation policy for appointments

We request at least 12 hours notice for cancellation of appointments and we ask that you respect our time as much as we respect yours. A cancelled appointment that we cannot fill is always a waste of professional time and could have been utilised to help another patient who may have been able to come in if provided with adequate notice. We reserve the right to levy a cancellation charge that is based on the duration of our appointment. This will apply to patients who are receiving treatment supported by Work and Income New Zealand and ACC as well. In the case of ACC supported care, such a levy may be charged as a co payment.

Treatment consents

A number of treatment procedures require specific consent and if this is sought, we will help you understand why you need to provide special consent. We will also provide adequate information for you to make an informed decision and take a signed informed consent where necessary.