Our Core Values and Mission

Creating happy smiles

We are a values-driven practice. Our values reflect the thinking of our Founding Principal – Keith Chiang. Keith is passionate about creating healthy smiles on the faces of patients and members of the practice.

The practice has six shared core values “SMILES” – Service, Motivation, Integrity, Leadership, Empathy and Standards. We hold ourselves accountable for upholding these values. They guide our actions, decision making, recruitment, professional development and interactions with each other and our patients.

Our Purpose

We exist to create healthy smiles.

Our Mission

To assist our patients to improve and maintain dental health.
To attract, develop, inspire and retain exceptional people.


We demonstrate our commitment to service by putting the long term health, comfort and wellbeing of our patients and team above all else.


We recruit highly motivated people throughout the practice and help them to grow and develop and bring out the best in themselves.


We demonstrate integrity by building trusting relationships through ethical and professional behaviour, transparency and honesty, keeping our promises and doing what is right-no matter who is watching.


We demonstrate leadership by inspiring our patients to make positive and lasting improvements to the maintenance of their oral health, and by staying at the forefront of new technology and best practice for our patients and our people.


We demonstrate empathy by caring about the wellbeing of one another and treating everyone with understanding, kindness, fairness, respect, dignity and worth.


We uphold the highest professional standards by supporting professional development and growth; continuously improving our teamwork performance; and adopting  state-of-the-art clinical, technological and management practices.