Oral Surgical Services

Dr Keith Chiang has been providing a referral-based oral surgery services for the dentists in the Canterbury as well as beyond regions since registering as a Dentist since 2006. His vast experience in this field means he can treat a wide range of Oral problems with the most common ones being removal of wisdom teeth or broken roots.

Wisdom teeth impactions are very common and often involve the erupting wisdom tooth getting stuck against the molar in front of it. Abscesses or severe inflammation are frequently observed as well.

Dr Keith Chiang is an overseas trained Oral Surgeon with over 22 years in clinical practice and teaching. He is registered in New Zealand as a General Dental practitioner with a prime focus and a very special interest in Oral Surgery and Intravenous sedation.

Our surgical services are often offered in conjunction with IV sedation.

Oral Surgical Services

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