Teeth Whitening

We are very excited to have added a state of the art Biolase Laser which instantly whitens teeth! This amazing technology will leave your teeth up to 6 shades whiter in just one appointment.

Teeth Whitening is $749.

We are offering $100 off our custom made “take home” bleaching trays, when combined with a laser teeth whitening session. Excellent for maintaining that dazzling smile.

We also offer in-chair teeth whitening using high-strength Carbamide peroxide and an LED light.

Teeth cleaning and whitening with our Hygienist Services

Most dental practices offer an in-chair whitening service, and although it’s a lot cheaper than it used to be, it’s still the most expensive option, at around $400-$700. High-strength Carbamide peroxide is painted onto the front of the teeth, then activated with an LED light in order to speed up the lightening process. The soft tissues such as gums and lips are safe-guarded from this gel by soft tissue retractors or barriers.

In-chair whitening is also offered by our Hygienist, Amy with the help our latest State of the Art Biolase Laser. The gel is reapplied twice during the treatment to maximise its effectiveness. You can generally expect to go up to 6 shades lighter, although results vary from person to person. A one-hour session priced at $749.00 (Please see video of how its done.)

Our experienced Hygienist recommends in-chair whitening as a great solution for those looking for results right away, although it’s a good idea to get the treatment a while before a big event to allow for a second session, if required.

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